You are a child of God. You were created with all that you need and even more than that! It is your job to figure out what your talent is and use it to the best of your ability.

You are not “JUST” a mom!

What's your gift?

We are here to shine our lights out into the world. It may be to our children, our spouses, our family members, our friends, or even out in to our community and the world.

What we are not put on this Earth to do is hide our gifts, we are here to share them.

Would you tell your children to hide their gifts? Then don’t keep your gifts hidden! Don’t play small in order to keep those around you happy.

Be the example for your children. Show them how to share their gifts by sharing yours, and they will naturally follow your example.

God is speaking to us all the time. Do you hear the whispers? Those little things that seem strange or may annoy you, but are always there? Listen to them, act on them. They are whispering to you for a reason.

You are worthy of all that you have and all that you are meant to be!


I know as a mom we pour ourselves into our families and we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. Won’t you join me in putting your self at the top of the list? Why? Because YOU ARE WORHTY!!

When you make your self-priority number one, then YOU lift up those around you. Your light will shine and lead the way to making a difference for them and for you. Your gift multiples in ways that you can not begin to imagine.

Today I encourage you to be selfish; to do something for your self, to create the space you need to listen to the whispers. If you can’t do it today, at the very least schedule it for the near future and follow through!

Can you do that for YOU?

All it takes is one step at a time.

Please come back and share what you heard when you listened!

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