MOMRadioStephaniRuperOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary welcomes Cyndy Bragg, The Whoopie Queen. Rosemary and Cyndy discuss life as a mother, and how to give yourself permission to say no and permission to take care of yourself.


“Makin’ whoopee like a mother.”
“Motherhood is the only place you can experience heaven and hell at the same time.”
“Self care if health care”

About Our Guest

Cyndy Bragg, The Whoopie Queen, is a TV PERSONALITY, SPEAKER, AND COMEDIAN.  With fun, humor, and sass, Cyndy encourages women to make life a joyriding adventure, even with bumps along the way.  Cyndy’s Whoop-power Your Life franchise consists of an online and social media community, Ask Cyndy – a video advice series, Daily Dose of Whoop Pow words-of-wisdom on social media, and an upcoming interview series – Women with Whoop POW.   Tips to whoop it up and live the sweet life @ 


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Key Takeaways

[00:03:24] Cyndy discusses how she got her name, The Whoopee Queen
[00:05:39] Cyndy tells the story of how she ended up in comedy
[00:10:00] Rosemary and Cyndy talk about comedy on stage and Laurie Foster
[00:12:00] Cindy reveals how Chris Rock inspired her
[00:14:05] Rosemary and Cyndy discuss Porn for Women
[00:15:48] How Cyndy became part of the Target Secret Shopping Program
[00:17:42] Mommy Mean Girl Story
[00:18:58] It’s not easy being a mom
[00:20:54] How to give yourself the Bad Housekeeping Seal of Approval
[00:24:24] Cyndy teaches you how to say, “It’s not going to work.”
[00:27:59] Would you date yourself?
[00:31:34] Rosemary and Cyndy talk about giving yourself permission to take care of yourself
[00:33:02] Rosemary gives details on a funny Brazillian Wax story
[00:35:09] Make a plan to blow off steam
[00:37:01] Cyndy talks about the calming jar
[00:38:50] Rosemary discusses The 30-Day Orange Rhino Challenge
[00:40:52] Yoga, and becoming an Umanista

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