When Women Join Together Powerful Things Happen!

Motivating Other Moms first tea was a complete success!! It has been a dream of mine to do for years now.

When I attended a Woman On Fire tea, put on by the fabulous Debbie Phillips, a few years ago I experienced love and support from complete strangers. I left feeling supported, loved, not so alone, and re-energized, I was On Fire! I also left with fabulous life long friends! It was then that I knew I wanted to do the same thing for moms.

Motivating Other Moms Tea at Tampa's Centre Club

So what took me so long to do one? Quite honestly there were many things that I needed to personally work on so that I could have the ability to hold the space for the moms who attend. Giving them the safe space to be able to open up and share anything with the room. When I say anything, I mean anything!

What I have seen happen time and time again is that when a mom is brave enough to step out of her comfort zone and share her heart amazing things happens. Everyone else begins shaking their heads in acknowledgement of understanding. They all begin to see that yes indeed there are other moms out there going through the same struggles and that they are not alone. When this happens a natural bonding occurs that you can not explain, a bond of sisterhood, of love, compassion and understanding for others, and support.

That is exactly what happened at our first tea. One person opened up and by doing that, it gave others permission to do the same.

Did you know that by saying something out load in front of others starts a healing process and growth process? It frees you from being stuck and propels you forward in life!

As I sat and listened to the conversations going on in the room I noticed that one thing everyone said through out the tea was “My friends and I talk, but we don’t talk like this.” It’s so refreshing!

Here are some of the things that moms said about their tea experience:

“What I got from attending the tea is that I feel that I really have to focus on a vision for my business and work on communicating that vision with my husband and family. I also need to learn to reach out for help and not feel like I’m going through all of this alone.” Attendee

“I feel empowered!” Attendee

“It was not what I was expecting it to be, but it certainly exceeded my expectations!” Michelle Northrup The Saucy Queen of Intensity Academy all natural sauces.

“The main benefit I received from attending the tea was meeting other women who understand where I am in my life with family, work, career, etc. and the feeling that I know I’m not alone. Our issues might not be exactly the same, but there is support and we’re certainly not all perfect, but we’re amazing all the same.” Liane Caruso of Limelight Marketing (she created the logo for Motivating Other Moms)

“Rosemary has done an incredible job of creating an environment that is safe, warm, and inviting that allows you to express yourself from very core of who you are. To share your challenges, struggles, and even your accomplishments and successes. Any time you have an opportunity to attend a Rosemary Nickel event, I certainly encourage you to do so.” Cheryl Pullins, The Women Entrepreneur’s Mentor

“I take care of my business networking but I now see that I don’t focus on the personal support network I need to help me continue to grow as a person.” Olyinka Odumosu London, UK

The feedback was so overwhelming that I decided to add in another tea. To ensure a fun and intimate event, seating is limited to only 12 moms.

It will be held Friday, January 20, 2012. This tea is a great way to distress from all the holiday activities, really connect with other like minded moms, get re-energized and focused for the coming new year!!!

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