Turn it off and Tune In!

Have you ever noticed that we get so busy and life is running on auto pilot. Out of the blue your child says something so insightful that you stop and remember how amazing they are.

That’s the moment that you realize that while you have been creating this wonderful life for your kids, you haven’t stopped and taken the time to truly get to know your kids.

It happens to all of us. We get busy and stick in a movie or let them play video games to keep them busy, just to get things done.

But when our kids say something that makes us think, that’s when we check our selves and think am I doing the right thing? Are all these other things more important than the time I am missing with my kids?

While we can’t stop doing all these other things we can stop and take moments with our kids.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Listen to music and dance! DANCE IN THE RAIN!!

2. Pull out the board games. Kids love games. Board games are a awesome way to open up conversations with your kids.

3. Sit on the floor with the small ones. Relax, take a deep breath and just be present. It is so beautiful to watch them play and many times all they want is you to be next to them. Savor the moment!

4. Go for a walk around your neighborhood and look for things starting with a certain letter or color. I spy is fun to do during a walk as well.

5. Go play at the neighborhood park, the beach, what ever out door place you have around. You can play soccer, basketball, go swimming, running, lay in the sun, play on the playground, do a mini nature hike, ride bikes.

6. Play out in your backyard! I know, a novel idea, but so many of us don’t do that. Cook out and chill out right at home! Dad can cook (hopefully :)), the kids can set the table and you can enjoy!

7. Let them help work in the garden with you.

8. Cuddle up and read books or better yet, take out the family albums and reminisce together.

9. Paint, color, or any type of craft.

10. Bake cupcakes, cookies, pies, or a cake.

So take some time with your kids this weekend. It’s doesn’t have to be a lot of time, it can be one hour, 2 hours, or maybe an entire day.

Turn off the tv, video games, phones, computers, and tune in!

If you go for an entire day, let your friends and family know ahead of time that you won’t be available, that way no unexpected guest show up and interrupt your quality time as a family.

Not only will you be surprised by what you learn about your children, you will learn a lot about your self and how you are missing out on the greatest moments of motherhood. Which is why we became mothers in the first place!

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