Trello – How To Be A More Efficient Mom

As moms we have so many balls in the air that we tend to drop them from time to time. We are always on the quest to become more efficient with our time and how make life easier for us. Trello is a way that I have found to help us all be more effective MOMS!

Today, someone in our office reminded me of the balls I have been dropping lately.

He came up to me to share how much I’ve inspired him. He is impressed and inspired with the way I’ve changed my life in regards to food, exercise, and my health.

I so needed to hear that!

I in turn, shared with him that I had hit a spot where my mindset was not where it needed to be, and that I had stopped loosing weight.

He pointed out that it’s not about loosing weight and that our minds are geared to fighting against the word “loose”. We don’t like to loose anything! So he told me its just a matter of being more efficient with my words. He suggested I create new words/language for my self like Tony Robbins does and Landmark Forum does.


I love that he used the word efficient, because that is the word that keeps coming to me over and over again in my mind. I know, and have known, for a while now, that I need to be more efficient with my time, grocery shopping, meal prep, supplements, etc.

I also know that it’s something that many moms struggle with!

My whole life needs to be more efficient! How about yours? Could it be more efficient?

When I was more efficient, everything worked better for me and the weight came off. So I created this note for myself as a reminder and as a source of encouragement to be more efficient!

I am creating an efficiency plan today! Do you need to do the same thing? Then set the intention and start right now! Don’t put it off any longer!

Are you looking to become more efficient in your business and life? Check out It’s a free online service to organize anything! Much like Pinterest, it helps you visualize your projects into groups that can easily be dragged and dropped into different categories.


Some ways I can see moms using Trello for home:

* Creating a To Do List (no big surprise here eh?)
* Grocery List
* Meal Plans
* Honey To Do List and add your husband to it :)
* Family members
* Recipes board.
* Chores –
* Parties & Events
* Vacations
* Volunteer/Community/Church

Some ways to use Trello in business:

Boards you can create plus you can add employees to the appropriate boards.

* To Do List
* Email Campaigns
* Blog Topics
* Social Media
* Marketing
* Virtual Assistant
* Website

Click here for a video that gives an example of how Trello is used. It is 17 mins long. If you want a shorter version to see how it’s being used in a business click here.

I would love to hear from you on how you think you can use Trello in your home or your business. Please share below and inspire others!

Ask me questions and I will answer them for you!!

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