Motivating Other Moms guest Elizabeth Sarquis  has helped develop games that make a big difference and impact on the world. She and her family have developed a fantastic game called Sidekick Cycle and 50% of the game’s proceeds go to helping children with poor or rural backgrounds receive a new bicycle. She talks to Rosemary about some important topics like her company, her family, and signs that your child may have an eating disorder on today’s show.

Elizabeth Sarquis is the Co-founder and CEO of the Global Gaming Initiative, which is a new concept in gaming to empower the smartphone generation to impact social change through the power of play.  Before founding Global Gaming Initiative, Elizabeth was the CEO of Activation, a company that focused on social issues through powerful films. Born in Colombia, Elizabeth was transplanted to Minnesota as a child, where she was exposed for the first time to the vast divides that often separate people from different worlds. This experience ultimately shaped her life’s calling as a champion of child development issues and education. She has worked extensively with United Way, the National Eating Disorders Association, Park Nicollet Health Services, and others to advocate solutions to youth diseases, disorders, and systemic impediments to positive growth.

Elizabeth is a board member of Games for Change (NYC), National Eating Disorder Association (NYC) and the Melrose Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Minneapolis. Elizabeth holds a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Development, and a degree in Human Physiology and Political Science, both from the University of Minnesota. In 2014, Elizabeth received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the National Ethnic Coalition Organization. Elizabeth currently lives in Minneapolis and has three children.

Our society is so focused on so much negativity and competition that it makes it difficult for children.


Teach Your kids to feel great about who they areKey Takeaways:

2:00 – Elizabeth talks about how she got started in the gaming industry.
7:30 – Elizabeth shares tips on how you can get your kids to be more involved in giving back.
14:00 – Dental care is so important and it’s amazing a lot of people don’t even have access to it.
20:30 – Global Gaming Initiative is a family run business.
25:00 – Elizabeth’s kids love calling her and talking to her regularly.
30:20 – Elizabeth shares tips on how she got her kids to open up more with her.
34:30 – Actions speak louder than words and your kids can see that.
38:20 – What are some of the signs you can look for in a child experiencing eating disorders?
42:00 – It’s so important to take time for yourself when you’re a mom.
44:10 – Elizabeth talks about her games and how you can get your hands on them.
46:40 – Elizabeth shares some stories of what the kids said when they received their bikes


One of the things we know in disorders is that the earlier you intervene, the higher chances of success.

To survive motherhood, you need to take time off for yourself. There’s no question about that.


How To Know If Someone You Love Has An Eating Disorder

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