The Wisdom Of Your Face

I recently attended a workshop put on by Jean Haner author of the Wisdom of Your Face & The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face.

It wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I took the course because I am always looking for ways that I can help my clients.

What an eye opening experience.  I learned so much more than face reading.

Highlights from what I learned:

  1.  There are specific spots on our faces that represent the years of our life.
  2. Your ears can provide an indication to the type of childhood you had.
  3. Your forehead is about your teenage years and your early 20s.
  4. Your nose is about your 40s
  5. And your chin goes all the way up to 99!

If you want to learn more about what your face may be saying consider purchasing Jean’s book by clicking The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life with Chinese Face Reading!

While all this is fascinating it’s not what really gave me the eye opening and life changing lesson that I received.

It was just one step closer to my journey to become Judgment Free! Yep, there it is, I said it, I’m judgmental, it was not a huge surprise, but I did see it show up in many different ways.  While I am human and it’s a natural part of being human, I want to be fully aware of when I am doing it and have the tools available to ask “WHY” am I judging this person?  Most of the time it  has something to do with me and I have to take a good long look in the mirror and figure out what’s wrong with me first.

We were all perfect when we are born.  Over the years the influence of our parents, family, and friends taught us not to be a certain way and do certain things because it was “unacceptable”.  Usually adults have children stop doing the things that bother them.  So it may not be that you were wrong or you shouldn’t be a certain way, it may be that those people just weren’t comfortable with who you were being and the easiest fix is to get you to not do that thing or be a certain way.  For example: your gift may be talking and sharing with others, but as a child this drove people nuts and they kept asking you stop talking.  You may have asked your self  “What is wrong with me?”  Today I am asking you to ask “What is right with me?”

Learning to embrace those parts of you that you have fought against, or maybe even thought was wrong your entire life is not easy.  It can be done, it just takes time and work.

So what are some of the specifics that I learned? You know those big moles you see on people’s faces, they are actually a sign for strength!  Yes strength!  If you have one wear it proudly!

Have you always had dark circles under your eyes?  They mean something and all the cosmetics in the world are not going help to get rid of them!  Here is your money saving tip, quit buying eye creams.


By getting facelifts, plastic surgery, Botox, etc….we are actually changing who we are!   We are taking away our power, our love, and our confidence.

This class really made me appreciate all the wrinkles I have.  Now I see all of the scars, big noses, bushy eye brows, small eyes, big eyes, chins in all shapes and sizes, ears…wow, who knew ears could be so fascinating, in very different and positive ways!  They are all beautiful!

I know that 10 years ago, I would not have considered taking a class like this, but I am incredibly grateful to Jean Haner for sharing her gift with the world.

As a coach this class gave me the insight to not teach from who I am but to teach to who you are.  It gave me a better understanding of my clients as individuals, how they operate in life and better ways to coach them so that they can achieve the most of out of their lives and businesses.    This class was a true gift indeed!

So my question to you is how quickly do you judge others before you give them a chance?

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and REALLY looked at your face? Take the time to look at it. Explore it and truly love it.

What is that wrinkle on your face saying to you?  What story does it have to tell?

Please consider these questions seriously. I can’t wait for you to read my next blog where I provide real, entertaining and moving examples of how quick we are to judge and what we miss when we do, so until then lets work on becoming judgment free!

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