MOMRadioStephaniRuperOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by spiritual life coach, Marsh Engle.

Rosemary and Marsh talk about their strengths and values, and their spirituality.

Marsh shares her journey from stay at home mom to life coach, and the ups and downs she has encountered along the way. Marsh has two special gifts for the listeners!


“Every experience, every opportunity gives us this chance to expand and no more about our life.”

“Get to the place where we are giving ourselves as much attention, love and focus as we are other people.”

“Trust yourself the voice that we share is that of pure inspiration.”

“It’s an honor to be the fullness of who we already are and that’s the journey.”

About Our Guest

Women and men from across the United States, Europe and Canada have sought out Marsh to help them make spectacular leaps in their career and business – while inspiring transformation in their personal lives. Why? Because of her remarkable ability for identifying hidden talents, undervalued strengths and overlooked opportunities ~ and the creative blocks that’s stand in the way! An acclaimed multi-published and award-winning entrepreneur, Marsh is passionate about providing you with the guidance, resources and inspiration to zero in on your greatest value and find ways to bring it to life in significant ways as fast, energetically and enthusiastically as possible.



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Key Takeaways

[00:01:30] Marsh talks about her kids and starting out
[00:02:27] Marsh and Rosemary talk about the media
[00:06:48] Traveling
[00:12:02] What was going through Marsh’s head
[00:16:27] Rosemary and Marsh speak about self care
[00:21:07] Marsh shares her experience of going to maui
[00:23:29] How Maui got Marsh all fired up
[00:28:14] Marsh talks about women and vulnerability
[00:29:28] Redefining leadership
[00:33:02] Strengths versus values
[00:43:02] Women in spirituality

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