MOMRadioStephaniRuperOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary talks to Sheila McCraith about her book, website, iPhone app, and community, all based on The Orange Rhino Challenge. They discuss different techniques and struggles they have each overcome through this challenge of yelling less, and loving more.


“We build our businesses and we end up working on the things that we need to work on for ourselves.”
“Pull out all of the files that are no longer active and leave that space in your drawer for new clients.”
“Sometimes it’s not about reaching more people, it’s about reaching the right people.”
“Stay determined when you just want to quit.”

About Our Guest

About Sheila McCraith & The Orange Rhino®: In 2012, Sheila McCraith, a mom to four young boys, embarked on a personal challenge to refrain from yelling at her children for 365 days straight after losing her cool in front of the handyman. Today, she has built The Orange Rhino Challenge® into one of the leading online resources for exploring and overcoming the dynamics of yelling with personal experiences, actionable plans, tools, advice, and most importantly, love, understanding, and support. The movement has inspired Orange Rhino support groups across the globe and a line of branded merchandise. Sheila is also the author of the parenting memoir and guide Yell Less, Love More: How The Orange Rhino® Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kidsand How You Can Too! (Fair Winds Press, 11/1/2014), and creator of the Orange Rhino Challenge® app. Recognitions include the 2013 Parents Magazine Blog Most Likely to Help You Achieve a Goal Award, and her article 10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling At My Kids has been read by more than 1.6 million people (June 2014). Her work has appeared in media channels across the US and in The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Israel, India, and more. For more information, please 


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Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:
[00:04:30] Sheila shares how her less yelling strategy has affected the relationship with her children
[00:05:46] Rosemary and Sheila discuss struggling to scream at that moment
[00:08:19] Kids pushing buttons, bringing you to the point of yelling
[00:10:22] Sheila shares her tips on raising a well-mannered child
[00:11:53] Sheila explains how it is hard to stop the yelling when you’ve crossed that line
[00:12:48] Rosemary and Sheila talk about the honesty in the Orange Rhino Community
[00:13:20] Growing from failure
[00:15:02] Sheila speaks about her laundry story, and how to reduce triggers
[00:19:23] The new Orange Rhino Challenge iPhone app
[00:20:40] Rosemary and Sheila share their experiences with launches
[00:22:03] Sometimes your triggers at home and auto work are often the same, and that can be helpful.
[00:24:13] Family participation and little cheerleaders
[00:27:11] Figuring out your triggers
[00:28:52] Sheila talks about her TV show appearance
[00:32:08] Rosemary asks how Sheila is making money from this challenge
[00:34:51] Rosemary and Sheila discuss different techniques to overcome the naysayers
[00:36:49] Learning from bad situations
[00:39:08] The importance of sleep
[00:40:18] Sheila talks about having a sensory processing disorder

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