The Incredible Edible Egg!

Eggs. Who doesn’t love eggs? Well, I realize not everyone does, but if you do love eggs… you REALLY love eggs. They are the perfect food in so many ways, but you might not appreciate them until you can’t have them. That was me – for 21 days. 21 days without the flavorful, protein rich glory of an egg. (Well, I did find myself at a local diner, starving to death one day, 16 days in, and in a weak moment ordered two eggs. But don’t tell anyone.)

Last week I added eggs back into my diet.

Do you like eggs and ham? Why yes I do Sam I am!

I’ve adjusted my program to fit them back into my life. I’m hoping that it won’t make too much of a difference. Technically, the eggs were supposed to be the last thing I added back in. But I just missed them too much.
With all my experiences with food and weight loss, I have learned a lot from the process. For example, when I did my 30 day raw diet last year, I wish someone had told me, “Hey, Rosemary! Pay attention to what is happening here. You’ll use this information throughout your life.” But I didn’t really do that. Who knew? If I had, I would already have a lot of my answers and would be ahead of the game now. Still, here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned. I want to share them with you.

1.   I learned to be excited about vegetables and how to eat them with enjoyment. Doing 30 days raw made doing 21 days without 7 foods a breeze!

2.   Journaling your food during this time is critical! Again, I have never been a journal kind of gal but this experiment has opened my eyes to the value of journaling! If I hadn’t journaled everything and kept track of how I felt when I ate something or when I wasn’t eating what I should have, then I would never really know how I need to eat for my body. It’s eye opening!

Notice, I said, “how I need to eat for MY body.” Know that your body is different from mine. Part of this journey for me is learning more about me and not worrying about what other people are eating or how they are exercising to get results. I gotta do what works for me and be okay with that! So don’t worry about everyone else. Figure out what works for you and do it! Learn what your body needs and doesn’t need!

3.   Eggs do affect me in a small way. The day after I added eggs back in to my diet I woke up with a small red rash on my neck and chest. It was not there before and I don’t remember ever having a problem like that in the past. Maybe if I had kept a food journal last time, I would have known!

4.   Don’t add in two new foods at the same time. Along with the eggs I tried a new-to-me organic turkey sausage. Shortly after breakfast I started having stomach cramps. They ended up making me miserable through a networking event and then forced me to leave a fun evening with my girlfriends. I stayed up all night making runs to the bathroom.

I thought it was the eggs until I talked to my husband and he said that his stomach hurt a little after he ate the sausage too. Nothing like mine though. So a few days later I tried eggs again. I made sure there was nothing big on my schedule that day! Everything was fine. However, I did notice that shortly after breakfast I felt a little tired. I have been eating eggs this week as well and yes I do get tired after eating eggs. The good news is that I don’t get bloated or gain weight from them.
J.J. Virgin says that if you have a mild reaction to a food, and you really want to keep that food in your diet, then you should eat it at the very most every four days. Ideally, the less you eat it the better off you will be.
I can live with this! I don’t have to get rid of the eggs, but I should be more mindful of how often I eat them.
Are there foods that you think may be affecting your health? Maybe they make you tired? Moody? Bloat? Give you joint pains? Try removing them for 21 days and see what happens when you add them back in.

Have you ever eliminated a food from your life and added it back in only to find out it’s not good for you? Tell me about it, I want to know!! It’s always interesting to see how food affects different people and your story could help somebody else.

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