Taming the Sugar Beast!

Taming the Sugar Beast: A Great Idea for your Sweet Tooth

As I mentioned in my blog, Healthy Food Can Pack on the Pounds, I am eliminating 7 key foods proven to keep people fat. It’s all part of my Biggest Loser challenge! The following foods are considered the main culprits in terms of food intolerances that can prevent you from losing weight, or even causing you to gain: peanuts, eggs, dairy, sugar and all artificial sweeteners, soy, gluten and corn. (Click here to check out The Virgin Diet for more information)While eliminating all of that may seem impossible, it isn’t. You can do anything for 3 weeks if you really want great results.

So today I found myself wanting something sweet and knew that if I let the sensation go I was going to cave in and go for the bad stuff.

I looked around the kitchen to see what I had and remembered making a wonderfully delicious chocolate candy shell when I was on my raw food kick. I got the recipe from Dr. LJ Rose and her recipe book Raw Fusion Living.

It was sooo good!! I remember drizzling it over a bowl of fresh organic raspberries. It was better than a cupcake and it didn’t leave me with that yucky feeling at all. It was quite the opposite. I was satisfied, didn’t need any more than a small bowl and it felt like a guilty pleasure, which I think we women enjoy ☺ But it wasn’t guilty at all! You’ll see why.

When I looked up the chocolate candy shell recipe, I found it was made with agave. Normally it is something that I consume on a VERY limited basis. You can read here why I limit it. 

So needless to say I was kind of stuck. But then I realized – wait! The berries are so sweet, and naturally so. I decided to make the chocolate shell without sweetener and let the berries sweeten the treat. It was delicious! If you like dark chocolate then you would enjoy this. Just a little bit of the chocolate on top of the strawberry is enough to give you the chocolate fix you might be searching for. The only sweetener you really need is the sweet juice flavor of the organic strawberries.

Dr. L.J.'s Chocolate Candy Shell

It did the trick! I no longer wanted something sweet to eat. Because there weren’t any trigger foods involved I didn’t feel the need to eat a huge batch. Four berries with a little chocolate was perfect for me.

It was just what I wanted and I was happy with the lack of sweetener. The recipe is intended to contain agave, however, and it will still be healthy for you and your children if you follow it to the letter – unless you are trying to eliminate all trigger foods from your diet!

Check out the great benefits of the ingredients on the following links. Oh, and the cacao butter is optional. It’s ridiculously expensive so don’t feel like you have to go get some to make this recipe work, because you don’t.

Click here for the recipe! Dr. LJ’s Chocolate Therapy

Enjoy your healthy treat as you and I continue to lose weight together!

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