MOMRadioStephaniRuperOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Tracey Marks from Beyond Burnout joins Rosemary Nickel as they talk about being Mom-preneurs. Tracey and Rosemary discuss marketing, and the dreaded “launch”, having a victim mindset and how to stay out of the burnout stage.


“It’s easy to get stuck when we compare ourselves to other people and get way too much input from others”
“When people don’t know anything about you or care about you, it becomes all about price.”
“When people care about you, know you and value you, then price becomes irrelevant.”
“Feeling well, doing well and giving yourself down time.”

About Our Guest

Dr. Tracey Marks is a psychiatrist who focuses on working with women to help you jump off the hamster wheel and manage your life so you can actually enjoy it. As a working mom herself, Dr. Tracey noticed that her patients and friends were seeking solutions to help them avoid burnout. She created Beyond Burnout to offer resources that can make a tangible difference to their quality of life.

A psychiatrist with 18 years experience, Dr. Tracey has a specific focus on lifestyle management, sleep challenges and the mind/body connection. In addition to Beyond Burnout, she has a private practice based in Atlanta. Dr. Tracey is a regular contributor to leading publications such as The Huffington Post and Bedtime Network, and has appeared as a psychiatric expert on CNN and HLN.

Key Takeaways

[00:01:03] Tracey talks about getting started on Beyond Burnout
[00:03:38] Rosemary and Tracey talk about mom tribes and the niche market
[00:05:17] Handling trolls
[00:10:14] Tracey and Rosemary discuss the victim mindset
[00:12:50] Marketing and the dreaded “launch”
[00:23:07] How Tracey she stays out of the burnout stage
[00:31:00] Why sleep is important
[00:38:40] What it was like for Tracey to interview her mom
[00:45:47] Tracey and Rosemary speak about moms and self care

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