Explode Your Pinterest Following

One of the most frequent questions I get from people is, “I am new to Pinterest and have no followers, what do I do?”.

Follow these quick and easy tips and you will be well on your way to building a great following on Pinterest.

Once you sign up with Pinterest you will begin pinning things that you like on to your boards.  When you pin something you like, follow that person, there is a good chance they will follow you back.

In the upper right hand corner you will see your name with an arrow next to it. Hoover your cursor over it and it will provide a drop down for you. You will want to click on the second option “Find Friends”

Pinterest Personal Profile Screen

Your screen will look like this after you click on “Find Friends”.

Screen Shot of "Invite Friends" and "Follow" Page

Screen Shot of "Invite Friends" of "Follow" Page

Pinterest is currently invite-only. You can request an invite directly from Pinterest (which will take about 2 weeks to get a response) or you can be invited by someone who is already a part of Pinterest (which gives you immediate access).  You have a limited number of invites so invite a few key people to join you on Pinterest or use them as a gift to your clients, there a people waiting in the wings to get an invite!

When you receive an invite, you can register via Facebook Connect or connect through Twitter.

There is a list to the right of those options that shows all the people you are connected with on Facebook.   The list to the right shows the people that are following you and you will want to click on the red “follow all” button at the top to begin following them.   This may be a given, but any time someone follows you, FOLLOW THEM BACK!!

If you know who your target market is and you already follow a certain person or product on Facebook simply type this url in to your search engine “pinterest.com/source”  replace the word “source” with the person’s name or the product name.   For example pinterest.com/rosemarynickel  or pinterest.com/marthastewart.  This should take you to their personal page, click the follow button and begin repinning things from their boards that interest you and/or may be of interest to your clients. 

Screen Shot of Sample Email Repin Notification

When someone repins one of your pins you will get an email notification that looks like the screen shot above.  Click on either of the blue links and if you are not following that person click “Follow” under their name.

If you click on their name you will be directed to their personal page.  If you click on the blue link that is the item that was pinned, you will go to the item (see screen shot below) and then you will have to click on their name which will take you to their personal page.
Screen Shot of a Repin

When you begin to have followers and your pins begin to get repinned (this will happen all most immediately) you will see a box next to your name on your personal profile page titled “Repins from”. (see the 1st screen shot at the top of this blog post) This is a new feature that I love!  You simply click on a name and begin to follow them if you are not already doing so.

Basically there is one thing you need to do, I hope you can remember it, here it is…..click on the FOLLOW button every chance you get.  FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW!!!

These are a few quick and easy ways to beginning building a following Pinterest.

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to ask below, I will be happy to answer your questions and it may show up in a future blog post.  If  I use your question, I will mention your name and website!!




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