Pinterest Is More Than Pretty Pictures

There is so much buzz around the relatively new kid on the social media block, Pinterest. It launched in 2010 but has really experienced a big surge in the past year with over 12 million users!! It is said that it has grown faster than any other site in history.

I like many of you, first saw it as a fun place to get new recipe ideas, share craft projects, pin up pictures of my dream home, and to it’s also a great way to get to know your friends in a whole different way. While we can interact and create relationships via Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest gives us the opportunity to really share with an unlimited about of pictures the essence of who we are. It’s kind of like a picture, story book of our lives. Who we are and who we want to be.

There are many of you, including me, that might say, “This is silly, I don’t need to add another piece of social media to keep track of in to my life. I don’t have time for this!” I hear ya sista!! I am right there with you, or I WAS with you.

I dutifully signed on a few months back thanks to an invite from a friend and I looked around. It lured me in like a red velvet cupcake sitting in the local bakery’s window. The photographer in me was in awe of all the beautiful photographs, the mom in me was lured by all the cute craft projects, the cook in me lured by the great recipes, but the business person in me saw no value in it. It is beautiful and slick, but in the grand scheme of things I really saw no purpose behind it. So I signed off and promised myself that I would only visit on occasion and I did just that.

One day on my occasional visit it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was missing out on some great business opportunities! There it was like a puppy wagging it’s tail saying “Come play with me!” and so I did. I mean really, who can resist playing with a puppy :)

I have been working in the background on creating ways to use Pinterest for your business and mine. Next week will be the first of a once a week video blog post that will include a beautiful photograph along with content. That will be posted here on my blog and pinned to a board or several boards on my Pinterest wall. A few days later I will share with you how I did it and why you need to be doing the same thing.

If you are not on Pinterest and are on the fence, ask a friend for an invite and sign up now!

If you have questions or would like to share your experience with Pinterest, I welcome your comments below.

Stay tuned and opt in in the upper right hand corner of this blog to keep up to date on all educational posts that I will be sharing. I promise you don’t want to miss out on this! This is going to be exciting and fun!!

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