M.O.M. Radio – EP #47 – Patricia Rossi, The Etiquette Coach

MOMRadio  Patricia Rossi - The Etiquette Coach Patricia Rossi is the host of NBC Daytime’s weekly Manners
Minute, which airs in 165 syndicated television markets. Her
best-selling debut book Everyday Etiquette: How to Navigate
101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations (St. Martin’s
Press 2011) is currently in its fifth printing.

Patricia is a nationally acclaimed business etiquette coach,
spokesperson, author, and columnist. She has been featured in
Bloomberg Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New
York Times, USA Today, Real Simple, HGTV, and many other
publications. Professional sports teams, universities,
corporations, and other audiences love her fun, interactive
seminars on business etiquette and social influence. She lives
in Florida with her husband Bobby and their two sons Jackson
and Harrison.

Top Tip from the Show

We use the same 20 social skills wherever we go, and here’s the whole key: we’re either attracting or repelling with those same 20 social skills that we all take into the world everyday. What I try to tell people is we need to sharpen up those social skills, we need to know the right way so we’re not going the wrong way and offending people.

Topics Covered

How to end a conversation

How to handle “The Conversation Rambler”

What are the best hostess gifts?

What is the etiquette around re-gifting?

Survival tips for family Christmas parties

Proper etiquette for pets at parties

Proper tipping etiquette during the holidays

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Be the best YOU during the holidays!

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