MOMRadioStephaniRuperOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary welcomes former professional organizer turned life-coach, Cena Block to the show. Rosemary and Cena discuss many different aspects of juggling your business at different points of your children’s lives. Cena explains time management best practices and what moms struggle with most. Cena also shares her current special offer for Motivating Other Moms listeners!


“Specifically with women and moms, our time so often belongs to the rest of the world.”

“Moms often don’t value their time as a commodity, they just think they can do it all.”

“Don’t compare your work in progress to someone’s finished product.”

“Deep acceptance comes from deep self love.”

About Our Guest

Cena Block is a mom entrepreneur productivity expert! She’s a mentor-coach, professional facilitator, author, and motivational speaker who helps small business owners struggling to ‘manage it all’ in the time they have! She is the founder of and creator of the Time & Space Style Inventory™

Cena helps her clients create systems, take care of themselves, and build support so their business fuels a lifestyle they love by design. Her clients gain clarity, ignite passions, increase productivity and create time to enjoy their lives again.

Cena works with corporate and non-profit groups to deliver interactive workshops that combine self-assessment, wellness practices and success principles that guide attendees to take powerful action.

Cena Block’s professional expertise comes from more than 25 years of human performance management, managing teams, coaching, training design and delivery and entrepreneurship. She also holds certifications and accreditations in many world-wide training and coaching programs.

Cena has led employee engagement initiatives, directed performance planning, managed staff, and implemented improvement initiatives for an employee base of more than 28,000. She is master-certified as a facilitator, coach, leadership presenter, and productivity consultant.

Cena invented the Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™). The premier inventory is the first online assessment for people to understand their natural style of time management and space organization. Individuals receive a customized style profile that is a starting point for coaches, organizers and educators dedicated to helping those who struggle with organizing space and managing their time.

Cena is the author of: Time To Toss It, and Getting It All Done in The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide To Emotional Well Being. Cena’s areas of expertise include career and self-development, productivity, curriculum design, teaming, management and leadership.

Cena received both her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and her Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications from Ithaca College. She holds certifications in many human performance, coaching and training Systems. As a professional organizer, Cena has worked with chronically disorganized populations and those who struggle with ADHD, OCD, PTSD, TBI and other brain-related conditions. She is a: speaker, professional facilitator, business coach, consultant, author and mompreneur herself. Cena is the past president of the Northern NJ Chapter of National Association of Professional Organizers, (NAPO NNJ: 2012 – 2014) & a member of both Pike County, PA and Greater Scranton, PA Chambers of Commerce.


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Key Takeaways

[00:00:51] Cena shares how she started in the entrepreneurial world
[00:02:39] Rosemary and Cena talk about the guilt moms face
[00:04:03] Cena describes her vigorous time tracking exercise
[00:06:05] What are moms wasting most of their precious time on?
[00:08:31] The problems with only identifying as a mom
[00:08:51] Cena talks about the importance of saying no
[00:12:27] Rosemary and Cena talk about volunteering on the PTA
[00:14:38] Cena shares about her two sons
[00:14:56] How Cena’s work flow changed as her kids got older
[00:18:04] Rosemary and Cena discuss moms starting their own businesses
[00:24:30] Cena explains C.O.R.E. and how it applies to business
[00:26:19] The plague of always saying yes
[00:28:49] Advice for new mompreneurs
[00:31:30] Cena talks about staying organized your business
[00:38:48] How to get organized before AND after events
[00:47:12] Cena speaks about her journey through entrepreneurship with her spouse
[00:49:07] Cena shares her emotional ups and downs after she left the corporate world
[00:50:56] How Cena’s husband reacted to her emotional state
[00:53:39] Cena shares her special offer!

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