Saturdays are the day that I usually write my blog posts. My kids are at their drama class for 4 hours on Saturday. I know that’s a really long time and I am sure we won’t be doing that again anytime soon! It takes too much time away from our family on the weekends and we just LOVE spending time together even if it’s just being lazy at home doing nothing.

So, I dropped the kids off at drama and headed for the local foodie spot that had wifi. It was a new-to-me location and it was awesome. Healthy food, art, antiques, and just uber cool! However, I couldn’t focus. So I moved on and intended to go to a local Starbucks to see if that would have the right amount of energy for me to write.

I parked in the garage. I just sat and sat in the car. I was so uninspired; I could not even pick up my computer bag and head in to get started.

It was then I decided to leave everything but my wallet in the van and take a walk.

I was dressed pretty dumpy that day. Not expecting to do anything. Old outdated clothes just didn’t make me look good. So I started walking down the street until I came across some clothing stores. I walked into one and not a single person spoke to me. I looked and didn’t find anything that got my attention.

I moved on to the next store. Here, someone greeted me at the door. As I walked through the store, she asked if there was something I was looking for. Before I knew it, she had me in the dressing room and was bringing me outfits to try on. When I came out with the first one on she said, “You don’t even look like the same person who walked in the store!” All the other saleswomen agreed and so did I!

It was a great feeling to walk in dumpy and come out of the dressing room feeling pretty darn good about myself.

You may be thinking, well your clothes shouldn’t define you. That is true, but we all know a good outfit can make you feel totally different! It can increase your confidence, change your mood, and give you the motivation to stick to a diet!

Well the thing here was this. The outfit was nice but it wasn’t something I would buy. It wasn’t a wow kind of outfit and it would have to be for me to buy it. Especially because I plan on losing more weight.

But the wow moment had not happened yet. Something even better happened than looking great in that outfit.

One of my least favorite things is trying on new clothes.

One of my least favorite things is trying on new clothes.

My saleslady friend brought me a pair of jeans. They were not my size. I haven’t been a size 14 for a few years. But I thought, “Hmm. Maybe I’ll just see.”

I put on the jeans and they fit! Size 14! YES!! After all this time, I finally went down a size! They had some stretch to them, but they fit and they were not tight! And better yet, they looked great on me!

I was over the moon! I shared my news with the saleswomen and they were so excited that that they started bringing me more clothes to try on. Never underestimate the power of your story, ladies!

I didn’t buy anything else they brought me but I did leave that day with a new pair of size 14 jeans and inspired once again to write!

Sometimes we have to set aside the work and take the time to enjoy life to be inspired. If you find yourself feeling stuck, stop what you’re doing and take a walk. You never know what will happen.

Celebrating size 14 and looking forward to size 12!!

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