Mother’s Day Is….

As I sit on the bed meditating on this beautiful Mother’s Day morning I started thinking about what Mother’s Day means to me. I know, I know, if I am meditating I am not suppose to be thinking! This is when the good stuff flows sometimes.

I thought about how each Mother’s Day I feel something different. Sometimes, I just want to shut down and snuggle in bed with my family, sometimes I want to go out to brunch, and sometimes I want to leave my family and be alone all day.

However, one thing that is consistent is that I look back to the person I was before I became a mother and the person I am now. What a difference! I am not the same person. To say that motherhood changes you is an understatement. I believe it changes everything about you.

Motherhood turns us in to life long students of love, compassion, patients, understanding, mutual respect, anger management, and personal self-improvement.

In guiding and helping our children along to become contributors of our society we begin to see the kind of contributors we have been all along. Often times their actions make us take a long look in the mirror and show us exactly what kind of contributors we are being and have been to them and society.

Our kids are THE BEST self-improvement course we will ever take in life! Nobody, not Maya Angelo, Oprah, Deekpah Chopra, Tony Robbins, Joyce Meyer, and many, many more, can inspire us more than our kids do, to become a better person, and a better mother.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place for all the gurus. They are there for when our kids hold the mirror up and we don’t like what we see. It’s at that moment that we decided to remain the person we are, or to change and become that person we are asking our children to be. That is when it’s time to reach out for help from a friend, mentor, and yes paying for help from a guru or specialist.

If you’re struggling with something in your life right now and mother’s day is not a day of celebration. Then find someone that you admire and look up to. Put aside your pride and reach out to them. Your answer, relief, and happiness may be only a phone call away.

If you feel like you have nobody to reach out to and feel that I can help you, then please reach out to me at and I will be happy to set up a FREE 30 minute call with you. You might be surprised at what 30 minutes can do!

My prayer is that each of you have a fulfilling Mother’s Day and that it is everything you want it to be. If it’s not and sometimes it’s not. Take a 5 minutes to calm your mind, body, and soul…..meditate.

Sending love and hugs out to you all.


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