Motherhood The Musical Is A Must See!

I did the laundry, vacuumed, mopped the floors, cleaned the kitty litter box, turned my 5 year old daughter’s princess tower from her birthday cake in to a pink sprinkled ice cream cone, unpacked some purchases, took a shower, all the while listening to wonderful songs such as “I Want To Go With You Mommy!”, “Why Can’t I Go?”, “I Will Miss You, Will You Miss Me?”, all of this just to take a few hours away from the family. I was taking some much needed “Me” time.

You know what I am talking about here. It takes alot of work to get out of the house!

I loaded up in my beloved mini van which my first born dubbed “Blue” when he was two. So Blue and I head out for our time away. As I get in Blue on her floor lay pink crocks with butterflies, two large packs of kids audio books we picked up from the library, a little bit of trash on the floor (not bad considering we were in Blue most of the day before), artfully colored pictures, cords for my phone and lap top to charge, tiny plastic toys rolling around, oh and my make up kit that I keep in the van at all times(Yes, I am the woman putting her make-up on at the red light). I quickly bunched it all together in to a pile and tucked it up under the console between the front seats. Whew, just tucking it out of site made me feel a little less like a mom for a moment and freedom was at hand!

I met a small group of moms at the theater and our journey began. We spent the next 95 minutes on the wonderful roller coaster of Motherhood The Musical! It’s is brilliantly written with an awesome cast of women who complain, laugh, cry, dance and sing their way through motherhood. All of which every mother could relate to!

It begins with a VERY pregnant Amy singing about how excited she is about becoming a mother. She sings about how wonderful and magical it will be. It takes you back to that time when you were blissfully naive about what motherhood was all about. The magic and wonder that lay before you.

In comes the three remaining cast members; they are the well seasoned mothers singing the truth about what motherhood is really like. Which of course is nothing like we all thought it would be!

Motherhood The Musical Our Group of M.O.M.s with the Cast

One of the things that I loved about this musical is that it is current and up to date. It covers the new mom to be that has to read every book and have every product for her new baby so that she can be the perfect mom; the Costco mom who loves to buy in bulk, a stay at home mom, a working mom, a divorced mom, and of course Grandma!

Every aspect of motherhood is touched on and I mean everything! Stretch marks, leaking, (WARNING!!, WARNING!! wear protection to this show), “baby fat” that seems to stay forever, sex with your spouse (or lack there of), how your kids drive you nuts and how you love them more than life it’s self.

This is a wonderful musical that has you laughing, protesting motherhood, and crying over those moments in motherhood that make it all worth while. The moments that take your breath away, give you goose bumps, and leave a smile on your face that last for years.

Motherhood The Musical is the creation of Sue Fabisch – owner and founder of Mommy Music Inc. and it is toe tapping funny! You are pulled in by each song as you can relate to all of them!

I highly recommend that every mother that has an opportunity to go see this musical, DO IT!

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All of the music from the show is available on their website.

Some song titles include:

“I’m Having A Baby”
“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”
“I Leak”
“I’m Not Going Take It Anymore”
“The Kids Are Finally Asleep”
“Costco Queen”

and many more! They were all great!

Motherhood The Musical is a funny and endearing look at motherhood that will leave you smiling for hours, if not days, after the show!

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