MOMRadio-MariaRossOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by actress, author and marketing guru, Maria Ross. Maria is an entrepreneurial mom who has had her share of ups and downs. With a sudden health crisis, Maria’s outlook on life shifted and changed her view for the better. Maria and Rosemary cover a slew of topics including branding, key qualities of business and life as an entrepreneurial mom.


“I believe in the power of using marketing for good, not evil.”
“If you don’t use all of the resources in your reach to reach goals, how is that strength?
“Patience really is about making steady progress.”
“If everyone thinks its crazy, why are we all still doing it?”

About Our Guest

Maria Ross is a brand strategist, author and speaker who believes cash flow and creativity are not mutually exclusive. As creator of Red Slice, she advises startups, entrepreneurs and small to midsize companies on how to craft irresistible brands. Maria is the author of Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget, (2nd Edition)and her humorous and heartfelt memoir, Rebooting My Brain. She speaks at conferences and events and has appeared in numerous media outlets, including MSNBC, ABC News, The Huffington Post,, NPR and Entrepreneur Magazine. Maria lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, baby boy and their feisty Black Lab mix. Learn more about how to be irresistible at or spark a conversation with Maria on Twitter @redslice

Key Takeaways

01:03 How Maria started in branding
03:07 Acting or Branding: What came first?
05:30 Your internet appearance versus reality
07:32 Rosemary and Maria discuss creating content and building trust with your audience
10:11 Maria talks about the importance of consistency
14:02 Creating content that you enjoy creating
15:30 What is branding?
16:52 Rosemary and Maria talk logos
19:04 Maria describes her journey
21:50 Maria talks about her book
23:29 Being and advocate for your health
27:30 Maria speaks about patience
29:00 Asking for help
32:30 Maria talks about her son
35:42 What had Maria surprised about motherhood
42:02 “Magical” new-mom moments
44:19 Maria speaks about her marriage
47:22 The struggle of being a mom and running a business
52:07 Over scheduling your children
58:01 How to reach Maria

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