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Pinterest is the single fastest growing website in Internet history. For that reason alone you should at the very least have an account and start following people.

Expand Your Reach with Pinterest

Now I realize we are all overwhelmed keeping up with multiple social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, but this is part of business, go where the people are and Pinterest is one of those places. You don’t have to spend alot of time there. Set a timer and spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.

Last summer Pinterest became the top social referrer for and sending more traffic to both sites than Facebook and Twitter combined!! Other websites like Cooking Light experienced over a 6,000% increase in traffic.

With the majority of users on Pinterest being women it’s no surprise that the most popular pinning categories are style, home décor, weddings, and food.

You may be thinking that’s all great for Martha but how to I make it work with my business?

7 Basic Marketing Tips

Here are 7 Tips to help you get started:

* Don’t recreate the wheel. Watch other businesses like Martha Stewart’s and Cooking Light. Look at what they are doing and duplicate it!

* Know your client! I recently took an online social media course with Mari Smith called Extreme Fan Base Growth. In it she showed us how to use our facebook fanpage insight page and figure out which posts create the most interest. With that information you are able to create information geared toward your fans.

* Create blog posts with information you have collected from your facebook fan page. See tip 2 above. 95% (or more) of your pins should be about adding value not about selling!

* Include at least one BEAUTIFUL photo in every blog post. Don’t have a camera you can purchase high quality pictures off of sites such as
Shutter Stock.

* Add a pinit button to your blog post and a follow me on Pinterest button to your
site. You can find the buttons in the plugins section of your blog.

* Pin your blog post to a board or multiple boards (if it fits in to different categories) in your Pinterest account.

* Have a friend repin what you just put on your board. That will help to get it out there and others to repin it.

These seven basic tips should help you get started and on your way to marketing your business/blog on Pinterest.

I look forward to expanding more on this topic in next week’s blog post. Follow me by signing in at the top of my blog to stay up do date and get a free audio on “How To Use Your Natural Mom Skills To Be A Savy Networker” and you will get bonus marketing tips in your email!

Feel free to ask questions or share your Pinterest experience in the comments below!!

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