MOMRadioStephaniRuperOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary talks to Nina Manolson about loving yourself and making changes to better your own wellbeing.


“Start giving to yourself, start nourishing yourself.”
“I’m allowed to take care of me.”
“One of the things that I really love doing is redefining that word, selfish.”
“Healing takes time, healing takes time.”
“We have to start creating a trusting relationship with our body again because the alliance with ourself got broken.”
“I got really good at saying no to anything extra. “
“The queen is self assured, and this is the thing about the queen, she knows what she wants.”
“Je me sens bien dans ma peau”, (I feel good in my skin.)”
“When we work with food and body we have to work with nourishment dynamic.”

About Our Guest

Nina Manolson, MA, helps women over 40 end their war with food and make peace with their body. She is a Certified Psychology of Eating Coach and Holistic Health Coach, 
Nina works with women who want to create a healthy, positive relationship with themselves. She specializes in helping smart women who have tried many ways of feeling good in their body, and are still challenged to make healthy living choices happen consistently and sustainably in their busy life. 
Nina has over 20 years experience in the Health & Wellness field, and is the recipient of the prestigious Integrative Nutrition Health Leadership Award. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, is a Certified Psychology of Eating Teacher. She is the founder of the Nourished Woman Nation 
Ninas passion stems from her own personal struggle with weight, body image and overeating. Ninas journey to reclaiming her body and health, despite numerous challenges, has led to her deep commitment to help women choose life fully with every bite, while feeling great in their own skin.  
Nina is also the author of Feed Your Kids Well In A World That Doesnt: An Everyday Guide to Make Healthy Food Happen in your Home and Beyond. 


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Key Takeaways

[00:04:58] Nina talks about why she decided to expand out to all women, not just Smoking Hot Moms.
[00:08:59] Our lifestyles full of busy being busy, and running on running mentality.
[00:09:57] Nina shares a story about a tragic accident involving her family, and what she learned from the experience.
[00:16:06] Rosemary and Nina share the things women carry around that effect their lives on a daily basis, and how they’re powerful doorways to accessing life in a deeper way.
[00:17:07] Nina talks about the importance of saying no to anything extra, saying yes to help, how to really ask for what you want, and for what you really really need.
[00:23:32] Rosemary and Nina discuss the differences in men and women as entrepreneurs and stepping into the Queen Stage.
[00:28:30] Moving from the Princess Stage to the Queen Stage.
[00:31:05] Nina shares her strategy to becoming healthy and reducing the stress in your life by understanding metabolism and our immune system and not pushing your body to unrealistic limits.
[00:37:37] Nina explains the feminine aspect versus masculine aspect, and stepping into more of a feminine aspect.
[00:42:08] How to learn more about Nina Manolson.

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