Look who’s Going Gnome!

My daughter and I were traveling up the east coast and a friend asked us to stop by The Berkshires. We had never heard of them before so of course we had to find out all about them!

Driving into Great Barrington I could feel such an amazing energy around this area.  I fell in love before we even stepped out of the van.

We had such a great evening with our friend that we decided to find a hotel and stay the night.

The next morning we woke up and explored the town of Great Barrington.

We ended up at Off The Beaded Path so that my daughter could make a necklace for her best friend.  While she was making a necklace I began talking with one of the owners of the shop.



Turns out two sisters, who are moms, have owned this business for 9 years. One would think this would be hard on their relationship but it’s not! They are so close that they even live in separate houses on the same property!

Over the past year or so they started selling needle felting kits on their website Going Gnome .  The packaging they use is from China but they want their entire package to be American made.  In order to do this they have to buy a large quantity and it’s a large investment for a small business. They needed $3,500!  While not a huge sum of money, we as small business owners know that we don’t have that kind of money laying around.

So Jennifer and her sister decided to started a kick starter program to get support for the new packaging made here in the U.S.

Watch the video below where I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer in her shop to learn more about her story, how they ended up with felting kits, and gnomes.  It’s been an evolution.


As fellow mompreneurs we can support these two business moms by donating towards their goal.  That is what is so great about this community!!  Together we can help change each other’s lives and business.  Give whatever you feel led to support these moms with.

Let’s support these mompreneurs!! Give what you can! In return they will give you one of the cute Gnomes they make with their kit. You can support them here!

It’s a craft that’s been around since the 70s and it’s having a resurgence. Check it out and if your crafty purchase a kit here!

Have you ever started a Kickstarter campaign?  What was your experience?

Do you have a lofty goal for your business but don’t have the funds?

Did you know that lots of business owners use fundraising programs like Kickstarter to fund the publishing of their books, a live event, or their product creation process?

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