MOMRadioStephaniRuperKiersten Hathcock is a second time guest on Rosemary’s show. She was featured on Shark Tank to help fund her startup called Mod Mom Furniture. Her company has blossomed remarkably since the last time Kiersten sat down on MOM. She also created the Little Light project, which helps sensitive children, grieving parents, and sexually abused victims find a more spiritual path in life. On the show, she talks a little bit about her divorce, becoming a medium, and how you can help your sensitive child grow and cope with the noisy world outside.


At 7, my daughter was coming home from school crying. I could tell she learns differently and is more sensitive.

I never believed in mediums. I thought it was all bull, but I couldn’t deny the things that were happening in my life.

By listening to your daughter, you validate that you respect her and that she’s important.

About Our Guest

At the Little Light Project (a 501c3 not-for-profit), we strive to be a voice for the kids. Not just the kids of today and those who have passed on, but the child in all of us.  Specifically, we are helping families coping with:

  • Highly Sensitive Kids, many of whom are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder.  Being a highly sensitive kid in our world is a tough road and many kids end up trying to numb their sensitivity to the world through drugs and alcohol.  Many are also more prone to depression, due to their sensitive nature.
  • The Aftermath of Childhood Sexual Abuse, many of whom are just now starting to cope as adults with the life long affects of sexual abuse they endured as children.  Recent studies are now linking that child predators are more likely to target highly sensitive children who, in general, are more open and trusting by nature.
  • The Death of A Child. Many parents come to us as a last resort having gone down the road of traditional grief therapy and they find they are just hanging on by a thread.  They are grieving parents who are hoping every day they can get up out of bed and perform normal daily tasks that are easy for those of us who haven’t endured such intense pain and grief. Having helped over 65 grieving families since LLP was founded in 2013, we have also found that many of the children who pass from accidental overdose and suicide fit the description of a highly sensitive person.

So what makes us different from other organizations out there?

We look at healing and help from all angles and welcome all perspectives. Many of us who volunteer at LLP are highly sensitive, childhood sex abuse survivors and some of us have endured the pain of child loss. We all agree that a balanced approach, combining Western, Eastern, and Spiritual philosophies is ultimately what led us to healing and balance in our own lives. You will find a mix of traditional psychologists and counselors on our Volunteer Staff alongside Intuitive Healers and Alternative Medicine Specialists.


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Key Takeaways

2:30 – Kiersten catches up with Rosemary and talks about her personal life.
6:10 – Kiersten still lives with her ex-husband, but they’re making it work for their kids.
13:45 – Rosemary asks about Kiersten’s non-profit, the Little Light project.
19:20 – Is going to a medium dangerous?
25:18 – A lot of people might not remember they’ve been sexually abused when they were younger until they hit their 40s or have had life changing event.
30:45 – Kids today have more spiritual energy than ever before.
35:30 – How do you help sensitive kids not got overwhelmed?
38:10 – Each kid is different and sometimes you may have to combine both pharmaceutical medicine and holistic medicine to help them.
42:45 – Kiersten talks about her upcoming call-in events for parents who want to talk one-on-one with mediums.
44:30 – It’s so healing for parents to receive messages from their kids when they have passed on.

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