28yrs as Momprenuer and Still the Hardest Job is Being Mom

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Monday, June 16, 2014 

MOMRadioJeanKuhnJean Kuhn has been self-employed since April 29, 1985 the day her first child was born, and she knew she was not going back to a J-O-B. Jean lives in Naperville, IL and has been married to her husband, Bruce, for over 33 years. They have 3 adult children.

In the last 11 years Jean has purchased two failing franchises and turned them into cash generating machines in less than 12 months.

Jean has been coaching other for the past 28 years. In 2006, Jean started her own coaching business and started helping her fellow franchisees, and other small business owners, coaching them to success by putting more money in their pockets and time on their calendars, and she can help you too.

Jean published her first book in 2012, F*Ups, Franchisee Screw-Ups, That Can Cost You Thousands. Her second book, F* It! The 30-day F*ix It! Workbook For Small Business Owners Not Making Enough Money, Have No Time, and Can’t Sleep at Night, in 2013, and is working on her 3rd book. F*ing Teens, How To Become a F*ascinating Teen.

Jean now speaks to small business owners all over the country helping them to take their business from F*rustrating to F*un-loving so they make more money, have more time, and sleep peacefully at night.

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