It’s Cheat Day!!

Today is Sunday and it’s what is known as “Cheat Day” around here.   The kids LOVE Sundays!

My six year old woke up this morning, her eyes got big and she said with much enthusiasm…”It’s cheat day mommy!”  Because she is one of our two in house junk food junkies this is a BIG day for her :).

My husband, who I joking call “grandpa” is junk food junky #2.    I call him grandpa because when he is with the kids he acts like a grandpa.  If they go to the grocery store together it’s a sure bet they will walk in with bags of total junk.  Nothing nutritional in any way shape or form.

It drives me nuts and to be honest, I through out most of it.  They’ll eat a little.  Then it sets for a few days.  Then it goes in the trash.  Then the enviable question comes up…”Moooooom where is my so and so?”  Me “I have no idea”  LOL

So to curve the incoming wave of junk I implemented “Cheat Day”.  If I was smart I would have implemented “Cheat Meal”!

My husband loves to take the kids to get donuts on Sunday mornings.  He always buys more than is needed and they munch on those all day long.

After my 30 days of eating raw, I tried a donut and just about went in to convulsions!  Seriously, I could feel my body freaking out!  So it is only on rare occasions that I actually eat one and I ALWAYS regret it.  I get a weird tingling feeling goes through my body, and shortly after I feel foggy and exhausted.  So it’s not worth it to me anymore.  Which is a GREAT THING!

Today I was hoping to curve the donut run so I got up and made them a “almost healthy breakfast”  I have to say it was REALLY difficult for me not to even taste it!  It smelt so good!

Soon I found my self feeling a bit resentful towards them for having to cook, clean, and that they get to eat this amazing breakfast.  Thoughts were running through my mind like “they have no idea how lucky they are”, “this is so hard”, “I can’t do this”, “they don’t deserve for me to serve them breakfast in bed.”  Pretty selfish stuff! I really found my self getting angry.

This is where I brought in my coaching skills and started asking my self questions and answering them.  “Rosemary, did they ask you to make this breakfast?”, “It’s not their fault, this is your decision to eat this way.”,   “This is only temporary, are you getting the results that you want by not eating this?”,  “You don’t have to make it so difficult on your self, you could have let them go out to donuts like they normally do.  This was your choice.”, “Serving them breakfast in bed teaches them to be kind and thoughtful to others and they do it for you from time to time”,   “Don’t say I CAN’T!”, “Say I CAN and I WILL loose this weight!, “I really enjoy the healthy food that I eat.”  (and I do) and then my attitude began changing as did the conversation in my head.

It’s inevitable that anyone making big changes in their life will struggle.  Today was one of those days.  I couldn’t even take a bite to taste it because there is aboslutely NO cheating on this food elimination diet for 21 days.  It’s to see which foods might be making me fat.  I can do that for 21 days.  It’s totally worth it!  Could you give up your favorite foods for 21 days if you knew you would get the answer to a question you haven’t found yet?

If you can’t talk your self down, give a good friend a call and ask them for support.  Don’t call a friend that is going to tell you, “It’s just one bite, go for it!”  :)

Here is our breakfast today.  One for me and one for them.  I REALLY enjoyed mine and extremely proud of myself for not indulging in even one bite.

Almost Healthy Waffles

1/2 C Organic Flour

1/2 C Almond Flour

1 tbs Sugar, Sweetener of choice (optional)

1/2 Tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder (aluminum free)

1 C buttermilk (to make your own add 1 tbs vinegar to 1 cup of your milk of choice and let set for 5 mins)

1 egg

3 tbs organic butter (melted butter)

Directions:   Mix all dry ingredients together.  Add in wet ingredients.  I mix my egg before I add it in.

Preheat your waffle maker and oil it.  Pour batter in to waffle maker and cook at your preferred setting.

Toppings or Additives:  You can add what ever you want to these.  Blueberries, Lemon Zest,  Carob Chips, Bananas, etc.

We use maple syrup as it’s a natural sweetener, but not necessarily super healthy.  Maple syrup affects me the same way as donuts do!

Bacon, Tomato, Guacamole on Millet Toast

As you can see, my breakfast was much simpler but it did not lack in taste!!  More savory than sweet.

Natural Bacon (raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, never fed animal byproducts and is nitrites/nitrates free.)

Slice of Organgic Tomato

Smear of left over Guacamole from Nacho night

A slice of toasted Millet/Flax bread

Directions:  Smear guacamole on to toast.  Add tomato then bacon or you could do it the other way around, and if you want you can add another slices of toast to make it a sandwich.  Then you have a BGT!

Off to clean the kitchen!

What does your family eat for breakfast?

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