I Cried

Today I completed my first cycle of three in the Biggest Loser Challenge.  Up until the weigh-in I was feeling pretty good about what was happening.  I can feel my body changing.  My clothes are feeling looser.  I have more energy. My moods are equalized. I went in to that weigh-in feeling really positive.

I was expecting big news!  I mean I am doing the JJ Virgin Diet and have been told:  “Lose 7 pounds in 7 days by removing these 7 foods.”   So I was thinking, geeze, if I remove the 7 foods and work out with my trainer I will most definitely lose 7 pounds.  For one thing, I’ve been at this for 21 days, not just 7. And for another, I’m ahead of the curve, since J.J. doesn’t add in exercise until the second cycle of her program!

Well when I stepped on the scale, I did lose weight, however it was not what I was thinking it would be.  I did not lose 7 pounds as I had hoped.  Not in one week, two weeks, or three weeks.

Don't Let The Scale Determine Your Success!

I have only lost 4 pounds.  That’s it!  Workouts three days a week, a complete food journal (I didn’t miss a day), I didn’t cheat once and all I got for 21 days of hard work was 4 pounds.  My heart dropped. Despair.

Then I had to go through the measuring.  The first measurement was of my stomach/waist. It’s that belly that I want gone more than anything else.  To my utmost horror, I only lost a ¼ of an inch!  I immediately went to the dark place, telling myself that ¼ inch is NOTHING!Below are my numbers.  This is what is called skin fold measuring.

So, before I went I could see the difference and feel the difference.  I felt good, positive and hopeful.  After the weigh-in I felt terrible. That’s all it took to turn me from optimistic and feeling great to feeling like a big loser – and not the kind I wanted to be. I’d never lose that weight.

Date Weight Waist Navel Triceps Suprailliac Abdomen Thigh BMI%
1-7-13 201.6 37.5” 40” 25 39 38 34 35%
1-26-13 197.3 36 ¼” 39 ¾” 27 29 33 26 31%

Because I am not a WordPress Wiz  so you might not be able to read the rest of the graph.  My thighs they were 34 and are now 26.  My BMI % was 35% and is now 31%.

I wallowed in my misery for a few hours.  I tried to focus on the positive measurements.  Some of them were pretty big! But I got stuck in the negative. I could not get past the lack of weight loss and no inches gone in my belly.

The reason why I am sharing this is that I know many of you have felt the same way.  You have put your all into it and didn’t get the results you were expecting. Maybe you gave up.

Have you ever had these thoughts?

Why bother?  This isn’t worth the hassle! If I am not going to lose weight eating healthy food and exercising, then I might as well eat whatever I want, be fat, and enjoy life!

I know that I have had these thoughts.  Then I start checking in with myself and ask these questions.

  • Do I feel better physically? YES.
  • Do I feel better mentally? YES.
  • Do I feel better emotionally? YES.
  • Remember what I felt like before I started? YES – terrible!

The answers keep me motivated. And then I remind myself….

I was having anxiety attacks on a daily basis before I started working with Nancy!  I don’t have them anymore!  I’m not exhausted all the time!My joints don’t hurt! I’m more flexible!  My back doesn’t hurt when I wake up in the morning! I’m not thinking about sleep all day long or taking 2 hour naps!

Even without significant weight loss, I am feeling healthier, plain and simple.

Normally when I get stressed in moments like these I crave a giant chocolate bar or a donut and want to go to sleep.  This time I was tired but managed to get through it and sweets NEVER even entered my mind!  That is HUGE for me!  HUGE!   That says a lot about the changes that have occurred and should be celebrated!

One thing I really value about the experience, quarter inch or no quarter inch, is learning about myself and how my body works. My suggestion is: always stop and go through your mental checklist of how you felt before you started and how you feel now.

Remember the many wonderful benefits of all the work that you are doing!  If you give up now you will go back to feeling tired, achy, sluggish. You will get depressed and stop doing the amazing things you are doing in your life. And almost worst of all, your kids, friends, spouse will see you give up!  Don’t let that happen!

There is no benefit to quitting!  We are addicted to instant gratification in this world when we can get immediate answers to our questions by “Googling.” Where we can contact anyone on our call list at any time of day, even if we are driving, at a soccer game, or in the shower. We have access to everything at the flick of a finger, and letting that go is hard when we are trying to lose unwanted pounds. It won’t happen instantly, or even overnight. Now I think, hey, if I lose 4 pounds every three weeks, I’ll be at my target weight in a year. That is a healthy, normal goal.

And I remind myself of all the results I’ve attained, even if my belly is still there.   Weight is not the only factor here and I know better than to let the numbers rule me.  So if this happens to you, quit focusing on the numbers and keep moving forward because there are big changes happening and you will never know that YOU can make it if you give up now.

Funny that when I went to the gym this morning, there was a group of ladies working out together and I overheard one woman complaining about the very same thing I was so disappointed about.  She was losing inches everywhere but her belly and I heard her trainer and her friends encouraging her that the belly is the last place to shrink!

It is important to think about your adrenal system. Read my blogs about cortisol and adrenal fatigue, both of which factor in to belly fat! There are things you can do to reduce stress hormones that contribute to weight gain. Seek advice from a nutritionist or alternative practitioner who can help you achieve adrenal balance through supplements and nutrition.

I can’t recommend alternative practitioners enough. I got help from someone who, through healthy nutritional supplements, helped me quiet my adrenal system, get rid of anxiety and relax. He helped me understand why a body in adrenal overload craves carbs, salt and sweets. Rather than throwing medication at me, he helped me through natural means.

Here is a follow-up to today’s drama.  I talked to my trainer and told her I cried when I did not meet the weight loss goal that I had for myself.  She was actually surprised. She told me that most people don’t lose any weight in the first cycle. She was thrilled I had lost any pounds at all!  Hearing that made me feel so much better.  She agreed that a lot of it has to do with my adrenals. I’ve tightened down on my food intake and it takes awhile for the body’s responses to kick in. “It’s a process,” she wisely reassured me. “Don’t beat yourself up.”

P.S. One reason why I might have not lost as much weight with J.J. Virgin’s Diet is because I was already off gluten, corn, soy, and sugar before I started.  That’s 4 out 7 items that she recommends removing.   Which might have altered my results.

 “Take care of you body.  It’s the only place you have to live.”  Jim Rohn

















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