Hello…Are YOU still there?

Today I am writing to you from a local bounce house establishment. I am taking advantage of the Wifi here while my kids run and play. It’s a great way for me to be with them and still get in some work. I can stop and play from time to time and then get long periods of work done. One of those, everyone is happy moments in time.

Working and Playing = Happy mom and happy kids!

As I sat here working, a mom struck up a conversation with me. She saw my strategically placed M.O.M. logo on my laptop and asked how I motivate moms.

I said there are many things, but the thing I am most passionate about is getting moms to stop and take time for their selves. I would love nothing more than for all moms to take their selves off the bottom of the list and put their selves at the top of the list. When they do this it makes them a happy and healthy mom. That in turn changes everything and everyone in her family follows her example.

What I have learned from other moms is that we all feel like we have lost our selves and can’t remember who we are. Once you begin to take moments for your self, you begin to start finding the YOU that you are searching for.

This particular mom’s dilemma is, “I still have a little one, I can’t do that. I have to wait until she is older.” My answer to her was no you don’t have to wait. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s all a matter of fitting it in and making you number one.

I realize this is difficult for most moms to think this way. It was for me to! You have to schedule it! At first it’s a foreign and difficult thing to do, but do it anyway! Don’t give up, it’s just like exercising. Once you get the hang of it, you begin to see the benefits. Eventually you don’t want to go back to the old you.

How did I do it?

Start with one hour a day:

• A nap
• Reading
• Sitting in quite
• Watching your favorite show

Do whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed and don’t feel guilty about it.

One month later… Add in time alone away from home, once a week:

At first I had no idea what to do with my self and just drove around for an hour, clueless as to what to do with my self. Yes I was that LOST!

• Sit in Starbucks for an hour by yourself, read the newspaper, read a book.
• The movies
• Shopping
• Massage, Pedicure, or Manicure
• Take a walk/run in the park, at the beach
• Library

Just take time away!

One month after that, Add in planned time away:

This is where you truly start pre-planning your outings.

Find things that interest you, but do not require you to do any extra work at home.

• Go to a local theater or concert with a girl friend.
• Take a one day or just a short 3 hours course at a local community center
• Spend an entire day with a friend or multiple friends (you can pick a kid free house, play games, and just hang)
• Go to an art museum (image, walking through a museum and actually spending time enjoying the art work!)
• Do a one-day excursion, even better do it with your spouse/significant other and no kids!

Feeling really adventurous?

Plan a weekend a way by your self or with your spouse or significant other. You will be AMAZED how refreshed you will feel when you get home!

Your time alone does not have to be monumental. Keep it simple and just enjoy being you!

YES! You are still there! By taking time away, not only will you begin to find yourself again, you will be surprised by the new stronger, more amazing you that was not there before you became a mom!!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

If you are finding it difficult to take time for yourself and need some support around this, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you.

Having an outside source of support opens up new possibilities that we can’t think of on our own. You can contact me at rosemary@motivatingothermoms.com

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