MOMRadioStephaniRuperHeather Barrow joins Rosemary Nickel to talk about an important topic – high risk pregnancies. Today, she shares her personal story on her high risk pregnancy and why she wanted to make a difference in Tampa, Florida and all over the US. She is the founder of High Risk Hope, a charity organization that gives the much needed support and encouragement to other moms on bed rest or who have a child in the NICU. Rosemary and Heather talk about the things you can do to comfort a high risk pregnancy mom, things not to say, and how you can help someone on today’s show.

I followed every rule and still ruptured at 24 weeks. I didn’t smoke, do drugs or alcohol; I didn’t even drink coffee.

I would love to say the guilt goes away. I still have guilt.

Anyone out there reaching out to one family helps our families here in some way.

About Our Guest

Heather Barrow – Holding both a master’s degree and bachelor of science degree in accounting from The University of Florida, Heather is the Founder and Executive Director at High Risk Hope, a for purpose organization that provides support, encouragement, information and resources to women and families who are experiencing a high risk pregnancy resulting in hospital bed rest, potential premature birth and neonatal intensive care after delivery.  Heather leads a team of non-compensated volunteers in reaching more than1,200 patients annually at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital and Tampa General Hospital.

Heather is a Florida Certified Public Accountant with several years of past experience at Ernst & Young, LLP. Heather also has ten years of non-profit

experience through various positions held within The Junior League of Tampa, where she has served on its board of directors and executive committee as the League’s treasurer and vice president of finance.

As a result of High Risk Hope’s outreach in the Tampa Bay community, Heather was recognized in 2014 as the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida Woman of Promise, in 2013 as a Tampa Bay Lightning Community Hero, as one of Tampa Bay’s “10 Leading Ladies” by Blu Tampa Bay, as an “Everyday Hero” by Bay News 9, and as a “Hometown Hero” by FOX 13 News.


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Key Takeaways

2:00 – Heather shares her story about her son, Hill.
6:25 – Many of the moms that High Risk Hope has helped are volunteering in Heather’s organization once they are better.
8:30 – Heather gets to see 2,500+ kids grow up and that’s one of the biggest rewards for her.
12:00 – Rosemary shares her niece’s story of losing a children through a high risk pregnancy.
17:00 – Heather recently read an interesting study about singing to a child in NICU and how it helps them breath faster.
19:10 – What can you do to help a bed rest/NICU mom? Heather breaks it down in this segment.
27:00 – Heather shares how she got her organization started.
30:00 – Despite having great prenatal care and doing everything correctly, Heather still ended up with a high risk pregnancy.
34:10 – As a mom, you have to let go of the guilt associated with this. Do not be afraid to ask for help.
37:00 – Heather explains what her hospital survival kit is about.
43:00 – Do not be afraid to reach out to Heather, ask questions, and help other moms or friends within your state and give back to your community.

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