MOMRadio-LianeCarusoOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Liane Caruso joins Rosemary to discuss social media, SEO and her life as a mompreneur. Rosemary and Liane discuss different social media platforms, and how those targeted ads really work. Liane shares her journey intro entrepreneurship and the different stuggles she has dealt with. This episode is packed full of great tips for social media interaction for you and your business!


“Some marriages look happy then end in divorce, it’s the same with business.”

“It’s not a bad thing to repurpose your content.”

“The opportunities for it to be an equal exchange is rare.”

About Our Guest

As a Marketing Communications Specialist with twenty years of experience ranging from strategy to design to execution, Liane Caruso launched Limelight Marketing Consultants in 2009. This well-respected Tampa-based firm was singularly committed to the establishment of meaningful campaigns that connected clients with their customers and prospects by powering brand awareness.

Limelight expanded rapidly with the addition of in-house specialists in design, demographics, branding, social media management, and content marketing. The second phase of the expansion included the addition of SEO and SEM digital marketing strategists to develop cohesive, research-based approaches to further client initiatives.

In 2015, Liane merged Limelight with The CRUSH Agency out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; the company responsible for supporting the franchise marketing needs of new and established businesses across the country.

Now responsible for managing the recently formed agency’s creative and marketing teams while identifying proficiencies and efficiencies in budgeting, planning and strategy, Liane oversees the creative process; ensuring quality control and marketing planning are in place for the clients and for the agency.


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Key Takeaways

[00:02:09] Liane describes attending Rosemary’s first tea party
[00:05:39] Liane talks about The Crush Agency
[00:10:05] Why do you need a mobile friendly website?
[00:16:55] Liane speaks all about SEO
[00:20:20] Liane explains keywords
[00:21:46] The importance of social media interaction
[00:25:02] Misleading Facebook numbers
[00:27:41] Liane talks about boosting Facebook posts
[00:29:03] Targeting ads on Facebook
[00:32:35] Is Google+ here to stay?
[00:34:59] Making your life easier with scheduling
[00:39:11] Liane tells her story
[00:45:01] Liane describes the shift in finances
[00:47:20] Rosemary and Liane share their opinions on bartering

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