Every Woman Needs A Support Group!

I attended my first Women On Fire tea party!

I talk about Debbie Phillips and her organization of women all the time! Many people wonder why? It’s really simple. It’s all about women supporting women. Easy, Peasy!

When you are at Women On Fire event you know that you are in a safe environment and are able to be your self, which makes you more open to sharing with others. It’s amazing when you share something with these women they surround you and support you no matter where you are at in your life. All in a positive, uplifting way. It’s like a warm blanket being wrapped around you.

Debbie has an amazing way of pulling women together from all walks of life. She inspires them and supports them with her genuine love for each and every one. It’s something you don’t understand until you meet her. She makes you feel so special, like anything is possible.

Debbie Phillips is a great source of support and an amazing connector!

Each tea that she puts on is the same, yet so very different. While the food, china, linens, place cards, are in general the same, it’s the women who attend that make each tea party different. Their stories, feelings, and what is happening in their lives at that moment is what drives the conversation around the table. What’s so amazing is that there always seems to be a common thread that runs threw the room and it binds these women together in a very short period of time.

Each and every story that was shared at the tea party I attended touched me. The common thread that night was mothers. Yes, mothers! How lucky for me!! I gained so much insight that night.

There were young moms, middle aged moms, grandmothers, working moms, stay at home moms. I listened to their stories, one by one they took turns talking, and while they were all different I could relate to all of them.

I had the honor to sit across the table from Debbie’s mother. She is 77 and still working full time! She is a real peach! What I learned from her is that no matter the generation, moms seem to deal with the same issues.

At Women On Fire tea parties, women inspire and support each other.

You can watch a sneak peak video into the tea party I attended by clicking on this link to Debbie’s blog The Spark . While you are there sign up to receive her posts and stay up to date on all the events and teas she offers. She is always providing Inspiration, Strategies, and Support.

With out the support of Debbie and many of the Women On Fire I have connected with through Debbie I would not be the amazing woman that I am today. Yes, I said that I AM AMAZING!! That took me 42 years, lots of investment in myself with events like Debbie’s, and whole lot of soul searching!

If you are looking to change your life in any way, then you need to start with yourself first.

Here are 5 ways you can do just that.

1. Find a group of women that allow you to be 100% you.
(Hint, they are not necessarily women/moms that are your age or living the same lifestyle you are)

2. Surround your self with women who you aspire to be.

3. Find courses that you can attend that help shift what and how you think of yourself.
(There are many, and all at different costs. You can find one that fits your budget)

4. Get an accountability partner that will go through the changes with you. Someone you can call on a regular basis.

5. Open up and talk to your mother. Ask the questions you have always wanted to ask but were afraid too. You might be surprised what you learn!


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