Coconut Oil -5 Quick & Easy Tips & Tricks

Yippee!! Today is the first day for posting “Simple Life Tips For Moms”. These will be a series of videos on various topics that will help you live a more fulfilled and balanced life. Some videos series will be fun and light, others will be heavy in topic but life changing. My goal is to enlighten you, open you up to new possibilities, and inspire you to make small changes that will make a big difference.

So here we go!!

I have teamed up with Tanya of The Perfectly Flawed Woman to create fun and quirky videos with some of our favorite uses for all things coconut. We know moms are growing more concerned about the chemicals that are in the products that they use, so Tanya and I are sharing easy tips on how to use all natural things that you have in your home.

There are limitless ways in which you can use coconut oil in your every day life. Here are 5 easy ways to replace some chemical based products with coconut oil. These tips are so simple you that can begin using them in your home today.

5 Quick & Easy Coconut Oil Tips

1. Body Moisturizer – I came across this a year ago at the local fresh market. One of the vendors was selling coconut oil mixed with various essential oils. I paid $24 for a jar of this organic goodness, used it a few times, fell in love, then promptly dropped it on my tile floor. The jar shattered and that was that. Instead of buying more, I decided to just give straight coconut oil a go. It’s wonderful!!! It makes your skin feel incredibly soft and the smell does not linger. But IF you really don’t like it, give Grape Seed Oil a try. It has no sent and works the same as coconut oil.

2. Deodorant – I know! It sounds crazy! But I gave it a go during the tapping of this video series and it worked just fine. All you do is dip your fingertips in the oil and spread it on your underarms. I tested my regular Melaluca deodorant on one side and coconut oil on the other. Same effect! Grant it I have not tried it with a full day out in the Florida summer heat. However it was 80+ degrees when I did the comparison test. NOTE this is not an antiperspirant

3. Scrubs – Scrubs are great skin moisturizers + exfoliators. My research says you should exfoliate your skin two times a week. However, everyone has different skin so you need to pay close attention and make sure you are not over exfoliating. The thing to keep in mind is the goal of exfoliation. It should leave your skin feeling softer and looking healthier, not red and irritated. If you over exfoliate, you could end up doing more harm than good.

4. Hair Conditioner– This was a recent revelation for me. I have super curly hair and it has been so dry. Nothing was taming my wild hair. So I turned to home remedies and coconut oil did the trick. I smeared it on my hands, ran my hands through my hair, wrapped it in a towel for about 45mins then washed it out with my shampoo. VOLA!! Super soft hair! It was just what my unruly locks needed!

5. Shaving Cream – Pretty simple, apply oil to skin and shave! No moisturizer needed afterward, it serves double duty of being a time saver!

Having trouble figuring out which coconut oil to use? Check out our video and unscientific poll of 2 on which brands we like most and why.

Come back next week to learn how to make your own scrub using coconut oil!

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