Coach with Rosemary

Some people make a living, and some people make a life. Rosemary Nickel’s life consists of passionately motivating other moms to be all they can be; teaching moms exactly how to utilize their skills and talents to create the life they want to live.

Rosemary’s popular coaching business, Motivating Other Moms, helps moms in all of life’s ages and stages to hone the skills they have to grow their business ideas and start-ups into what they always dreamed they would be. Moms all over the country benefit from Rosemary’s decade of marketing, social media and business coaching experience, coupled with a no-holds bar, down-to-earth, sugar & spice coaching technique that helps moms remove the obstacles blocking their path to success.

A chief motivator that has helped 100s of moms achieve success, Rosemary is now a popular, sought after speaker, marketer, coach and motivator, inspiring women everywhere to reach for their dreams, then giving them the concrete tips and techniques to get there.

Email if you are interested in coaching with Rosemary.  A free 30 minute “get to know you/introduction” call will be set up for you.