Motherhood The Musical Is A Must See!

Motherhood The Musical  Our Group of M.O.M.s with the Cast

I did the laundry, vacuumed, mopped the floors, cleaned the kitty litter box, turned my 5 year old daughter's princess tower from her birthday cake in to a pink sprinkled ice cream cone, unpacked some purchases, took a shower, all the while listening to wonderful songs such as "I Want To Go With You Mommy!", "Why Can't I Go?", "I Will Miss You, … [Read more...]

Hello…Are YOU still there?

Working and Playing = Happy mom and happy kids!

Today I am writing to you from a local bounce house establishment. I am taking advantage of the Wifi here while my kids run and play. It’s a great way for me to be with them and still get in some work. I can stop and play from time to time and then get long periods of work done. One of those, everyone is happy moments in time. As I sat … [Read more...]

My Ugly Confession

Do you find your self judging other moms?

Guest blogger: Kim Dettmer of In Search of Me in Mommy I do it. I HATE that I do it. But, I do. I’m not proud of it. I try not to even “go there”. But, sometimes it creeps in. And for a moment, I feel better about me. And when that moment passes (which it quickly does), I feel worse. Because, in the end, it is … [Read more...]

Have You Forgiven Your Self?


We all have things in our lives that we carry with us, you know, those things that eat at our insides. We beat our selves up over it and just can’t seem to let it go. Maybe we did something to hurt some one as a child, teenager, as an adult and maybe some one hurt us. Carrying around this resentment and un-forgiveness causes depression, … [Read more...]

Every Woman Needs A Support Group!

I attended my first Women On Fire tea party! I talk about Debbie Phillips and her organization of women all the time! Many people wonder why? It's really simple. It's all about women supporting women. Easy, Peasy! When you are at Women On Fire event you know that you are in a safe environment and are able to be your self, which makes … [Read more...]

Turn it off and Tune In!


Have you ever noticed that we get so busy and life is running on auto pilot. Out of the blue your child says something so insightful that you stop and remember how amazing they are. That's the moment that you realize that while you have been creating this wonderful life for your kids, you haven't stopped and taken the time to truly get to know … [Read more...]

Taking a Leap of Faith

I am on a journey to help other moms remember who they are. To help them take time for themselves and find their passion. To have a place to come to for support and motivation when they need it. There are plenty of blogs, articles, and books, which focus on the mom and the relationship with her child and spouse. However, there are very few … [Read more...]