MOMRadioStephaniRuperOn this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Mia Adler Ozair talks about juggling life as a mom of 9 and a therapist. She shares the affects of sugar on overall health and how important your body image is to you and your children.


“At some point, you have to stop and fill up the tank.”
“The old adage, you are what you eat, is really true.”
“If we’re not at peace with our bodies, we’re going to have a rough go.”

About Our Guest

Mia Adler Ozair is a clinically licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Los Angeles, California. In addition to her ten-plus years of experience as a therapist, she has over 20 years of expertise in the worlds of education, non-profit organizations, and public speaking. She is a professional writer who recently released, “Insider’s Secrets: How to Choose an Exceptional Therapist (and How to Avoid the Bad Ones).” For more information please visit,

Key Takeaways

[00:01:35] Mia talks about balancing 9 kids and a business
[00:04:48] Being a therapist and a mom
[00:08:21] Mia tells her history as a therapist
[00:10:19] Taking breaks as a mom
[00:12:50] Limiting your time with clients and your kids
[00:17:09] Mia discusses the results of not taking a break
[00:18:16] Panic attacks and anxiety attacks
[00:22:37] How gluten and sugar play a role in mental and physical health
[00:28:40] Mia explains internal and external issues and reactions
[00:30:58] Mia gives details all about her ebook
[00:35:41] Mia shares how it all came about
[00:42:03] The things we do at home affecting our children
[00:43:40] The problem with our body image issues
[00:45:36] Mia and Rosemary talk about gratitude
[00:48:52] Being grateful for your body after kids
[00:56:15] How a spouse’s influence on our body image can affect your children
[00:58:57] Mia gives her top book recommendations
[01:00:55] Mia’s favorite junk food

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