The Positive Affects of Video Games


  Motivating Other Moms guest Elizabeth Sarquis  has helped develop games that make a big difference and impact on the world. She and her family have developed a fantastic game called Sidekick Cycle and 50% of the game's proceeds go to helping children with poor or rural backgrounds receive a new bicycle. She talks to Rosemary about … [Read more...]

Desiree Wolfe – Marketing Mompreneurs


Desiree Wolfe has been a marketing expert since she was 12 years old. She used to help her mother, a single mompreneur, with her business and sort of always loved the freedom of it. She worked in a corporate job, but the moment she had her daughter she knew she wanted something more for her family. Desiree sits down with Rosemary and shares some … [Read more...]

Jeannie Spiro – Helping Other Mompreneurs


M.O.M. Radio Show #42 - Jeannie Spiro - Helping Other Mompreneurs Jeannie Spiro was sick of working in Corporation America and knew she had an inner calling to do more. She eventually quit her job to work on her own business and help other mom entrepreneurs. Rosemary asks her a couple of questions about how she was able to achieve it and she … [Read more...]

The Badass Breastfeeder – Abby Theuring


Abby Theuring is a big advocate for breastfeeding your own children. She is the owner of and was recently on the news for sharing some of her opinions about breastfeeding and why it's good for your children. She is also a self-identified attachment parent and today talks to Rosemary a little bit about what that means … [Read more...]

Ally Loprete’s Business Directory for Parents


Ally Loprete runs a non-profit business directory for parents called The idea behind the business was to help support other parents who are selling products you need. If you ever find yourself in need of household products, childcare services, and more, you can always go to and buy a product provided by a parent. … [Read more...]

Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels


M.O.M. Radio - EP #39 -  Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels. In a world full of start up businesses, how did  Julie Cole of Mabel's Labels and her partner grow from a basement startup to an award winning celebrity endorsed international phenomenon?  Listen in as Rosemary Nickel of Motivating other Moms and Julie talk  about word of mouth marketing, … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Mompreneur

M.O.M. Radio- EP #36 - Janette Gleason

 M.O.M. Radio - EP#36 - Janette Gleason, an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Ultimate Marketer Finalist 2011, In this episode of Motivating Other Moms Radio, Rosemary Nickel interviews Janette Gleason who has an 11-year-old son with Asperger’s and Autism. She speaks about her journey as a small business owner, wife and mother of three whom at … [Read more...]

Getting cozy with the sale


MOM Radio Monday, June 23, 2014 Joleene Moody is a nationally known speaker and client closing expert for women entrepreneurs, specializing in speaker training and coaching. She guides these amazing women to a place where they can incorporate their purpose-driven message to write kick-a$$ presentations and find or create speaking gigs that … [Read more...]

How a near death experience inspired this mom to reach her next level of greatness!


M.O.M. Radio -  EP: #34 - Stacie Walker     Stacie Walker is an Internet Business Strategist, International Best-Selling Author, Podcast Producer, Business Coach and Mentor. Stacie has been known as a success driven entrepreneur ever since her journey began in 2008. That's the year she left her secure career in the Psychiatry … [Read more...]