From selling t-shirts out of her trunk, to being a motivational speaker, and selling out an entire stadium in 5yrs!

CWE - Headshot 2 2013

MOM Radio  Monday,  June 8, 2014 Cheryl Wood is a devoted mom of three and business owner who is committed to helping women and moms around the globe to dust off their dreams and say YES to nurturing their possibilities. In 5 short years Cheryl has progressed from selling t-shirts out of her trunk to selling out stadiums as a high-powered, … [Read more...]

Are You Always Searching For New Sales Leads?

How to Create an Everlasting Bond with Your Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, and Refer More!

Everyone is talking about how they can't get new clients and that they are always searching for new sales leads. If you have a business with a good list of clients already, STOP looking for NEW clients! You already have what your looking for right in front of you! SAY WHAT? You think I'm nuts right? I am currently working on building a … [Read more...]

Trello – How To Be A More Efficient Mom


As moms we have so many balls in the air that we tend to drop them from time to time. We are always on the quest to become more efficient with our time and how make life easier for us. Trello is a way that I have found to help us all be more effective MOMS! Today, someone in our office reminded me of the balls I have been dropping lately. … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Is….

As I sit on the bed meditating on this beautiful Mother’s Day morning I started thinking about what Mother’s Day means to me. I know, I know, if I am meditating I am not suppose to be thinking! This is when the good stuff flows sometimes. I thought about how each Mother’s Day I feel something different. Sometimes, I just want to shut down … [Read more...]

What the heck is a Watsu?

Ask for Tamaria at Golden Door Spa, Tell her I sent you!

  What the heck is a Watsu?    I had never heard of it before either but once I did I had to experience it! I love massage services.   I never experienced a massage until my early thirties when a good friend of mine insisted I try it out. She had been seeing a great massage therapist for ten years and sent me to her. That first … [Read more...]

Embracing Change


Once you have kids embracing change becomes a regular part of your life.  You are constantly readjusting everything as they grow. You do what ever it takes.  Sometimes you do it happily and sometimes you do it grudgingly. Every family is different, with different rhythms, relationships and traditions. I know you've heard this before and you have … [Read more...]

The Biggest Looser Finale


Tonight is the Biggest Looser Finale and I can’t wait to see who wins. They are all winners because they were brave enough to make a huge sacrifice and leave their families so that they could have a healthier and happier life. Only a small percentage of people are willing take such drastic measures to change their life. So today I am celebrating … [Read more...]

The Incredible Edible Egg!


Eggs. Who doesn’t love eggs? Well, I realize not everyone does, but if you do love eggs… you REALLY love eggs. They are the perfect food in so many ways, but you might not appreciate them until you can’t have them. That was me – for 21 days. 21 days without the flavorful, protein rich glory of an egg. (Well, I did find myself at a local diner, … [Read more...]

Don’t Be A Hater!

Is this how you feel inside when you see a skinny person eating a cupcake and your eating a salad?

Have you ever looked at skinny people and harbored envy, or even more, ugly feelings toward them? You are not alone. They seem to have it so easy. It’s just not fair: they’re skinny and we aren’t! When you are feeling that way, take a step back and try and put yourself in their shoes. There are two possible scenarios here. Either the … [Read more...]