About M.O.M.

Welcome to Motivating Other Moms! I am so glad you are here!

M.O.M. was created with the purpose of providing a support system for entrepreneurial moms. Allowing them to be their selves, to provide a safe and secure environment where they are surrounded by other entrepreneurial moms that are supportive and understanding of the struggles that come with being a mompenuer.

My goal is to provide various type of blog posts centered around education, support, inspiration, and motivation for your life long journey as a mother. To put together a retreat where we can all come together, connect, encourage, and see that we are not along in our journey.

To encourage you to practice self care and take that all important “ME” time! Remind you who you are as a person and woman,  and not loose your self in motherhood.

To help you find a passion that will sustain you financially after your retire.

To help you during any transition.

To encourage you to be self supporting so that if you loose a partner you are not frozen with fear with what to do.