7 Everyday Uses for Lavender Oil

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Today I am sharing some simple ways to use lavender oil in your everyday life. You will not only be removing some chemicals out of your life you will be saving money!!!

According to aroma therapists, Lavender is one of the most valuable oils for the treatment of acne. It inhibits the bacteria that causes skin infection. I massage one drop of oil to the break out area and get great results by the next day.

Bug Bites
Lavender is a powerful antibacterial. In stead of using topical creams and sprays filled with chemicals such as Benadryl, I use lavender oil to care for bug bites.  My daughter is highly sensitive to the tiniest of bug bites…if she sits on a floor she is bound to get red bumps all over her little body.  I simply apply lavender oil to the bites and the next day they are gone or next to gone.  The aromatherapy part also relaxes her.

Lavender Bath – Excellent for aching muscles, relaxation, stress relief. Add 6-8 drops Lavender essential oil to my detox bath recipe. Click here for my video.  Run the bath soak through the water and vigorously agitate water. You can also add the drops to a cap full of milk or Epsom salts and then put in the bath as this helps to disperse the oils through out the water. This is a great way to receive the benefits of Lavender oil. Lie back and enjoy!

Lavender Shower – After wetting your hair, add 3 drops Lavender oil to a cap full of water and tip onto your head. Stand under running water and allow oils to rinse off. Cup your hands over your face and breathe in the vapors. Add oils when shampooing your hair and rinse off as normal. You could also add it to a coconut oil hair treatment see coconut oil uses here…..

Lavender Hand/Foot Bath – Great for tired feet, fatigue or sore/dry hands. Add 4-6 drops Lavender oil to a large bowl of warm water and soak for approx 10 minutes. Then apply a Lavender lotion for added benefits.

Lavender direct for Burns – After running cold water on the burn for approx 10 minutes, put a few drops of neat lavender oil onto the burnt area (including sunburn). This will greatly assist the healing process. ONLY use lavender. Remember serious burns must be seen to by a doctor. ( I have not tried this yet but have read about it many times. Will give it a go if the occasion arises)

Stress & Anxiety – Keep a spritzer of Lavender Mist – handy to spray on your face during the day, or apply lavender oil near to your temples.

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